Premier Bartleet based in Windsor, Berkshire and specialize in the supply of equipment to the Confectionery (Chocolate & Sugar) and Bakery Industry


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Depositors with one, two and three-axis movement Extruders and Spiral Coolers.

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Chocolate/bakery moulds.

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Chocolate tempering and enrobing machines, cooling tunnels, and post enrobing decorators.

Belt panning systems. Nut cluster machines.

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Industrial Washing Machines for Moulds & Containers.

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Chocolate Tempering Machines, Chocolate Moulding Equipment, Chocolate Enrobers, Icing Enrobers, Food Glazing Systems, Chocolate Cooling Tunnels, Chocolate Tanks and Pumps, Chocolate Moulds, Chocolate Mould Washing Machines, Chocolate and Confectionery Depositors, One Shot Depositors, Confectionery and Bakery Extruders, Chocolate Decorators, Small Scale Chocolate Equipment, Chocolate Foiling Machines, Confectionery Preparation and Cooking Equipment, Starch Mogul Machinery, Ovens for Starch Moulded articles, Plastic Trays for Starch Moguls, Continuous Aeration Machines for Confectionery Masses, High speed Shear Mixers for Confectionery and Bakery masses