Premier Bartleet based in Windsor, Berkshire and specialize in the supply of equipment to the Confectionery (Chocolate & Sugar) and Bakery Industry


Compact Series

The Compact Enrobers are available in the working widths 320 or 420 mm and are especially designed to suit the tempering machines UF100 and UF200.
The universal and expandable program of enrobing machines for the chocolate industry enables people to start small with the ultimate aim of expanding as their needs grow.

Wolf Smart Enrober

Compact tempering machine Wolf type UF 50 The machine consists of an electrically heated hopper, content approx. 30 kg. A Freon cooled tempering worm is located underneath the hopper for the continuous cooling of the chocolate to working temperature. The tempering machine is equipped with castors and can be used in any part of the factory, only ensuring that the machine is provided with electrical power supply. The enrobing head WOLF type TC 320 D with mass wheel. The machine is placed onto the tempering machine WOLF and is continuously fed with tempered chocolate. An adjustable overflow ensures the recirculation of the unused chocolate back to the tempering machine tank which is located underneath. Based on the circulation tempering process

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